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Without exaggeration, the Southern Moravia region represents the crossroads of Europe. Since time immemorial, routes travelling from east to west and from north to south have intersected here. The region remains attractive today with its position in the southeast corner of the Czech Republic, near the border with the European Union. In addition to historic sights and natural beauty, some protected by UNESCO, visitors are attracted by the cordiality and hospitality of its inhabitants, who are proud of living in Southern Moravia. Judge for yourself whether their pride is justified.



Wine growing in South Moravia is among the oldest in Europe; vines are grown here already since the Celtic times.


Take a bicycle or just unfold the map and ride crisscross through South Moravia.


Bright folk costumes, ancient customs and crafts are part of daily life in South Moravia.

Castles and Châteaux

Imagine the South Moravian castles and châteaux, discover their magnificent past and hidden secrets.


As fertile South Moravia is, its cuisine is accordigly rich and varied. Come, taste and you will never forget it!

Natural Attractions

South Moravia is a colourful mosaic of woods, meadows, vineyards, meandering river valleys and fertile lowlands.


South Moravia offers travellers countless possibilities of spending their holiday.

Congress Tourism

Thanks to an ideal location in the heart of Europe, South Moravia is a sought-after destination for congress tourism.

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